About Christel Bäckström

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"I strive for smart, sustainable and including growth for the private and public sectors."

Christel Bäckström

- Founder and CEO


BACKSTROM iMPACT AB offers support to CEOs, directors and management groups in strategic development processes.

Christel Bäckström is driven to make a difference and create growth in businesses. She combines her strategic mindset, communicative and analytical skills, in order to create processes that leads to development in organisations. In close co-operation with her clients she forms solutions that results in the goals being achieved.

During her career Christel has established a deep understanding of complex development processes in both the private and the public sector. In addition, she has deep knowledge of how funding from Sweden and the EU’s innovation systems could be used and subsequently, contribute to development in different types of organisations. Christel also has vast experience from working with internationalization within the education field.  

Christel has a broad educational background which has its roots in journalism/communication. She has been working and studying in various European countries and has experience from leadership roles and being a part of management groups. 

She believes in collaboration and cares about quality in order to form creative development processes aimed at growth and organizational effectiveness.

About Christel Bäckström